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Hire a Driver for Long Distance: Secure & Cost-Effective Travel Solutions

Why Choose Our Long Distance Driving Service

When you need to travel long distances but driving your vehicle isn't an option or preference, ensuring it's with you at your finaldestination remains crucial. Whether relocating, sending a car to a loved one, or requiring your vehicle at a far-off location, deciding to hire a driver for long distance can provide the seamless and convenient solution you're looking for.

At Car Driveaway we focus on a detailed approach to offering long distance driving services for our customers' vehicles, placing safety, dependability, and effectiveness at the core of every trip. Our drivers are carefully chosen for their vast driving experience, professional qualifications, and impeccable driving histories, ensuring they hold the appropriate licenses and are familiar with extensive travel routes. Dependability is a key factor in our selection process, as we conduct detailed reference checks to confirm our drivers' history of timely and reliable travel. The skill in planning and adjusting routes is essential; and our drivers are proficient in using modern navigation technologies and are flexible in modifying paths to circumvent any potential delays. Recognizing the significant demands of prolonged driving, we require our drivers to show superior endurance and vigilance, upholding the highest standards of safety and productivity.


Safety First: Our Unwavering Commitment and Priority

Choosing our long-distance driving service means entrusting your vehicle to professionals who prioritize safety and efficiency. We specialize in driving your car to its destination, allowing you to focus on your travel or move without the hassle of a long drive. Strict adherence to safety measures is mandatory, with our drivers following all road regulations, taking necessary rest periods, and observing all safety practices carefully. Moreover, we stress the value of a positive match between the driver and the client, promoting a sense of comfort and confidence from the outset. At, every aspect is meticulously considered to deliver an uninterrupted, worry-free service for transferring vehicles over long distances.


Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Effective customer satisfaction and communication forms the foundation of our offering, with our drivers committed to keeping customers updated throughout their journey, promptly addressing any queries or issues that might emerge. With a strong understanding of vehicle upkeep, our drivers are ready to manage small problems en route, reducing possible interruptions. Insurance is a crucial aspect, and we make certain our drivers are fully covered, providing customers assurance concerning liability and the safety of their vehicle. Transparency in pricing is essential, and we openly discuss all service costs, including how extra expenses are handled, to establish clear, written agreements that ensure mutual trust and clarity.

Expert Drivers for Every Journey

All of our drivers at Car Driveaway are not just skilled in long-distance driving; they're experts in vehicle care and road safety. They ensure your vehicle arrives in the same condition it left, no matter the distance.

Nationwide Driveaway Coverage

No matter where you need your vehicle transported in the country, our service covers coast to coast, from California to New York, Seattle to Florida, and anywhere in between.


Our Promise: Reliability, and Peace of Mind

Insurance Coverage

Each vehicle entrusted to our care is meticulously managed by a driver who possesses the requisite licensing and is protected by thorough insurance coverage. This strategic approach is designed to provide our clients with unparalleled peace of mind for the entirety of the vehicle's transit. It underscores our commitment to safety and reliability, ensuring that from the initial handover to the final delivery, every phase of the journey is underpinned by a foundation of trust and security. Our aim is to alleviate any concerns our clients might have regarding the welfare of their vehicle, affirming that it is being transported by highly qualified and securely insured professionals.

Real-Time Updates and GPS Tracking

Remain fully updated with the convenience of real-time tracking, allowing you to know with certainty the precise location of your vehicle at any given moment. This feature is part of our commitment to transparency and communication, designed to provide you with a sense of security and control over the transportation process. Whether your vehicle is navigating through city streets or cruising along highways, you can monitor its journey from start to finish. This service ensures that you are not just a passive observer but an informed participant, fully aware of your vehicle's status and progress, thereby enhancing your peace of mind and confidence in our service.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do I Hire a Driver for Long Distance?

Just fill out the form below, and a committed customer service representative will get back to you soon. Share your vehicle transport requirements, such as where we should pick up and deliver your vehicle, and we will supply a precise quote along with our availability.

How Long Does Long Distance Vehicle Transport Take?

The time it takes to transport a vehicle over long distances can differ depending on the length of the journey. Our goal is to ensure the quickest possible delivery times. For a precise estimate tailored to your specific route, please get in touch with us.


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