Driveaway Service

Seamless Driveaway Service

Our door-to-door service gives you a seamless experience while allowing you the freedom to customize our support however best suits your needs. Whether that means packing your vehicle with your personal belongings (within safety standards), bringing your pets along on the road trip with us, or maybe even airport pick-ups or drop-offs. We handle it all, and we have experience with it all. Our customers have entrusted us with their moves, relocations, and snowbird needs for many years. Thanks to the wonderful clients we’re fortunate to have been able to work with, we gained the knowledge and experience we needed to become one of the nation’s premier auto driveaway companies. That honor allows our customers an unmatched experience when they partner with us because we’ve had years to perfect it for them.

Four-Step Process
We have been able to perfect our customer support through our many years of experience, giving Car Driveaway customers the service they deserve. Our four-step process ensures you feel nothing but expert care, from service customization to vehicle arrival. Here’s what you can expect with Car Driveaway:

STEP 1: Aligning on Your Needs

Much of the customization happens in information gathering, so once you have gone through the process of sharing your transportation needs (like driving date and individual details), you will then obtain a quote from us. When that quote is accepted, we will email the agreement to you, for your reference.

STEP 2: Finalizing Arrangements & Itineraries

Depending on your unique situation, there may be more details for us to align on related to travel arrangements or itineraries. We may be confirming flight details for an airport pick up or drop-off, or we may simply be identifying the best time to obtain your vehicle. This step is essential in ensuring we are perfectly aligned with our customers.

STEP 3: Time for Pick Up!

Upon the day and time of your scheduled vehicle pick up, the driver will do a brief safety inspection to prevent any unexpected surprises, then they will be on their way.

STEP 4: Vehicle Arrival

The final, and most exciting, step in our four-step process is the arrival of your vehicle. You can rest assured Car Driveaway drivers will deliver your vehicle to you in the same condition you left it in. Upon delivery, if the entirety of the service fee has yet to be paid, the balance will be due via cash or certified check, then our driver will be on their way.